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Rating: 5 5 Star Reviews, Image Dermatologist I have been a patient of Dr. Downie for over 12 years. Her work is excellent and her staff is top notch. Even though Dr. Downie is the dermatologist to the "Stars", she gives me the "Star" treatment each time I see her. As long as you follow her instructions and have patience the end result of your treatment will be exactly as promised. To this day I love it when perfect strangers tell me I do not look my age (53) - and I know I owe it all to Dr. Downie. Right now I am under her care for scar treatment due to an automobile accident and her work as usual is outstanding. If you have ever been told that there is no help for your condition or if other Doctors have told you that they cannot help you - make an appointment with Dr. Downie as soon as possible :-)
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The field of cosmetic dermatology is constantly evolving, with solutions to a number of the common concerns that go along with aging. Juvéderm Voluma XCTM is a newer product in the line of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, designed specifically for the purpose of volume restoration. What is being accomplished with this treatment protocol is astounding, with patients looking and feeling years younger.

Juvéderm Voluma XCTM, currently the only FDA-approved non-surgical solution for the instant correction of age-related volume loss, is commonly used on the cheeks and cheekbones, as well as the chin. This product also allows us to create more definition in the cheeks and jaw line, often lost when the skin on the face loosens and sags. A primary benefit of treatment, outside of beautiful results, is that fullness lasts up to 18 months, making Voluma XCTM incredibly cost-effective.

The Voluma XCTM Process

Dr Downie does Juvederm Voluma for Janet's 60th birthday present.

Dr. Downie was featured on the Today Show on November 22 injecting a patient with Voluma. See video below.

Treatment always begins with a consultation in which Dr. Downie listens to the patient’s concerns about facial changes. When we understand the ultimate result that a patient desires to achieve, we can tailor treatment precisely to their needs. The skin is then examined and discussion had about the best type of treatment.

Juvéderm Voluma XCTM is gently injected to the deeper layers of the skin where indicated. Dr. Downie plans treatment areas in a way that will lift the cheeks and define the chin, ultimately creating harmony among the various facial features. The goal of treatment is to accomplish a subtle, natural change that removes years from the face.

Patients who feel anxious about treatment with injectables will be happy to hear that topical numbing cream is available and can be applied before treatment. Juvéderm Voluma XCTM also contains lidocaine in the filler solution, adding greater comfort as treatment progresses. A treatment session lasts 10 – 15 minutes, as Dr. Downie carefully inserts filler with great precision. The results achieved with this filler will be immediately noticeable, and both male and female patients leave our office feeling refreshed and confident in their appearance.


"Worth every dollar, can't imagine receiving treatment from any other dermatologist! Dr. Downie is very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and resourceful."
~ Anonymous ~

Side effects and recovery

JUVEDERM VOLUMA XCTM is a wonderful minimally invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. There is no downtime associated with treatment, and patients may take advantage of additional treatment to accomplish optimal results. Side effects include bruising, swelling and slight tenderness. There is no recovery time and patients can resume normal activities immediately. Exercising should be put off for 24 hours.


In clinical trials, only five percent of patients experienced these side effects, which resolved quickly. Only 8 percent of patients in clinical trials experienced swelling or hematoma, and no instances of product migration were reported.

Within a day after treatment, patients are able to resume their normal activities comfortably. Should discomfort persist, we can suggest solutions to handle this until comfort improves naturally. Discomfort associated with Juvéderm Voluma XCTM is due to the design of the product, thicker in consistency, and the depth at which solution is applied.

We answer your questions about Juvéderm Voluma XCTM

Why use Voluma over other dermal fillers?
Voluma XCTM stands out from other dermal fillers in that this product is designed for injections deep in the dermis, leading to true volumizing in the cheeks, cheekbones, and the chin. Though other fillers may be ideal for plumping deep creases around the nose and mouth, Voluma XCTM is designed for the specific purpose of creating volume where it has been lost.

Can I get Voluma XC treatment without a doctor?

The robust viscosity, or thickness, of this product is what sets Volume XCTM apart from traditional dermal fillers. Due to the unique characteristics of the filler solution, specialized training is provided to those physicians who wish to offer volumizing treatment to their patients. For optimal outcome, restoring volume in the cheeks and chin should be performed only with an expertly trained physician.

How is Juvéderm Voluma XCTM injected?
Different from conventional fillers, Voluma XCTM is designed with more fullness. This filler is intended for the lifting and volumizing of facial structure, which occurs when the solution is injected into the deep dermis. Injection into the uppermost layer of skin would result in the visibility of the product in the form of lumps or discoloration.

Can I add volume to my lips with Voluma XCTM?
This filler is designed to add volume to larger areas such as the cheeks and chin. Because of the thickness of the filler solution, it is not intended for lip augmentation. Fuller lips may be achieved with a less viscous filler.

Dr. Downie is happy to offer numerous ways for her patients to achieve a more youthful appearance. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for Juvéderm Voluma XCTM.
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