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Could You Have Rosacea—or Is Your Skin Just Red? - Men's Health Could You Have Rosacea-or Is Your Skin Just Red? - Men's Health
From shaving to sun exposure, men's skin often needs some TLC. Men do not need to look any further than image Dermatology ® P.C. for tailored skin care regimens and a number of treatments that can help them look and feel more attractive from head to toe. Dr. Jeanine Downie, a nationally prominent dermatologist and the founder of image Dermatology ® P.C. in Montclair, proudly offers multiple treatments that can be tailored to men of all ages.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are used to treat rough feeling skin, acne, acne scars, skin discoloration, sun-damaged skin, dull or blotchy complexions, freckles, and fine lines. After treatment, men can count on fresh new skin that is smoother and more youthful-looking.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can treat the face, neck, knuckles, ears, chest, back and any other area in which men are interested in having the hair permanently removed. Treatment plans will be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Brotox = Botox

Facial expressions, sun exposure, and tobacco use can lead to unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. Botox, often known as Brotox among men, is a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles and prevents them from contracting. In addition to delivering smoother and more youthful-looking skin, new research shows Botox improves skin quality. After treatment, men often feel as confident as they look. With Brotox, men can look less stressed when strategically negotiating for themselves or their business.


Everyone loses a teaspoon of collagen from the face every year after age 30, so when a person is in his or her 40s and 50s the face changes. At image Dermatology ® P.C. , Dr. Downie and her team can restore lost facial volume, leaving a more rested, and youthful appearance. They will never have to worry about looking "done." Dr. Downie and her team offer many fillers to reduce the signs of aging and help turn back the hands of time.

Men specifically need to keep a nice square jaw and a sharp angle at their chin. If this is failing, we can also add Radiesse to sharpen the jawline.

Fat melting

Dr. Downie lectures nationally and internationally on non-invasive fat melting. She has multiple tools in her toolbox for removing many inches from the stomach, waistline or wherever the troublesome areas reside. She offers Exilis and Vanquish, innovative fat melting treatments. Vanquish can be ideal for circumferential areas such as the abdomen and thighs. Exilis can be used on virtually any area of the body including the face and jowls. Futura Pro is used to melt away fat as well as build muscle tone. Each Futura Pro treatment is equivalent to a week of cardio and weight training at the gym. With any of our fat melting treatments, men can enjoy improved bodies and renewed confidence.

Skin tightening

ThermiTight leads as the first aesthetic procedure to deliver thermal energy under the skin that can reverse the signs of aging. Clinical studies have shown the skin tightening treatment to be safe and effective. ThermiTight can be ideal for treating the jowls, areas under the eyes, neck, abdominal area, love handles, back, arms, knees, and thighs. The slightly invasive procedure is popular because it can deliver an improved, masculine-looking jawline.

Got man boobs? There is no need to be embarrassed. Dr. Downie would be happy to talk to men about Futura Pro and ThermiTight as solutions for attaining tighter male breasts and an improved appearance. With either treatment, there is no surgery or general anesthesia. Dr. Downie and her team ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Chin contouring

Lose chin fat with no downtime. Dr. Downie was involved in the clinical trials for Kybella, a chin contouring treatment that can be ideal for the "double chin." She teaches and trains other doctors on the proper technique and use of Kybella. After treatment, men can return to work or their other daily activities.

Laser therapy

Men with age spots, facial redness, photodamage, or scars can improve their appearance with laser therapy. The Fraxel Restore laser and Excel V laser is offered to improve skin tone and texture. The Fraxel Restore laser penetrates below the skin's surface, eliminating damaged skin cells. The body's natural healing process is stimulated and collagen is produced. As this occurs, healthy skin emerges. The Excel V laser system is designed for all skin tones and it includes a built-in cooling mechanism to ensure optimum patient comfort. After treatment, attractive skin awaits.

Finding the right treatment

Whether it is attaining the body contours you have always wanted or improving the look of your skin, Dr. Downie and her team can identify the right treatment for you. To explore all of our treatments, call (973) 509-6900 today.


Dr. Downie is just so fantastic! She takes her expertise and applies it to your need work areas. If it has to do with skin, Dr. D., will have a positive effect on your troubled spot. She will improve your look with a personalized beauty regiment. The D in Downie is not just her name, it's what she does best- DERMATOLOGY!!

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