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Do you dislike the appearance of visible veins on your legs? Do you wear hosiery even in warm weather, or hide your legs under trousers or slacks? Both women and men may find spider veins and varicose veins, which are large dilated blood vessels, unattractive and embarrassing.

Large spider veins and blood vessels are caused by aging, genetics, long periods of standing, crossing your legs, poor circulation, weight gain, and inactivity. While exercising regularly, wearing support hose, and eating a proper diet will help to prevent some leg veins, you may still fight them regardless of your lifestyle.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Actually Patient Results - Montclair, NJ
Before Treatment
Sclerotherapy Treatment Actually Patient Results - Montclair, NJ
After 6 Weeks
Sclerotherapy Treatment Actually Patient Results - Montclair, NJ
After 14 Weeks


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Sclerotherapy involves an injectable formulation that significantly decreases the appearance of leg veins. Sclerotherapy works very well in treating smaller blood vessels and can be used for larger, more obtrusive, problematic veins as well. This procedure is used to treat varicose veins, although alternative methods may be more effective in treating those that are very large. For removing unwanted leg veins, sclerotherapy has been a leading treatment for over half a century. It works well for both females and males and those of all races and ethnicities.

Sclerotherapy explained by Dr. Jeanine Downie

Sclerotherapy explained by Dr. Jeanine Downie
This is a fabulous procedure that can fade away the leg veins. This treatment requires multiple sessions - minimum of 3 and some require around 8 treatment sessions. Call Dr. Jeanine Downie today to learn more about Sclerotherapy or any other dermatology procedures today!

What is Sclerotherapy?

It is a fabulous procedure that involves injecting the leg veins with a solution that helps to blanch out, bruise the leg veins and then alternatively fade and go away. What are the causes of excessive veins and is sclerotherapy safe?

The causes are,

  • After pregnancy
  • After gaining weight
  • After crossing your legs for years
  • After aging process

By getting rid of your excessive veins, you don’t mess up with your circulation at all. How long does it take for Sclerotherapy treatment to work?

The sclerosing formula is injected directly into the problematic vein. Because the formula contains lidocaine, sclerotherapy procedure is especially comfortable. Sclerotherapy treatment requires multiple treatment sessions and a minimum of 3 and some people are above 8 treatment sessions.

We use a very small needle for precise injections and the Sclerotherapy procedure is only minimally uncomfortable. “Is bruising normal in Sclerotherapy treatment?

Sclerotherapy bruising is normal and it will last for 4-5 days. Oral Arnica or topical Arnica gel will help to decrease the bruising. “What are the things that I shouldn’t do after the Sclerotherapy?

Recommended that you restrain from strenuous exercise and crossing your legs as it can add more issues later.

If veins on your legs cause you embarrassment, call the office of Montclair dermatologist Dr. Downie today for a consultation to find out how Sclerotherapy can help.


Treatment sessions typically last about 20 minutes in our comfortable Montclair dermatology office. This depends on the number of veins being addressed; however, a treatment session may take up to 45 minutes. Six or more professional treatment sessions may be needed to realize full results.

The compound is a combination of chemicals, including glycerin and a little lidocaine, which improves comfort during treatment. This formulation results in a much more comfortable experience than what was previously available with hypertonic salines. Unlike some other sclerosing agents, glycerin usually does not cause hyperpigmentation of the skin.

After treatment, patients wear compression stockings or garments for about three days to improve comfort and speed healing. The treatment area may look red or slightly bruised as veins begin to close up, but most people can resume normal activities right away. The skin where injected may look hive-like, and this is also normal.


Most of the side effects that may occur after sclerotherapy in Montclair are mild and temporary. These include dark lines or spots, small sores on the skin, areas of red, raised skin, bruising, and an increase in tiny blood vessels (these can be treated).

Not as common, side effects such as allergic reactions or inflammation may occur. Your doctor has solutions for these side effects, should they arise. We encourage our patients to contact our office if they experience any conditions, such as difficulty breathing, nausea, visual disturbances, or warming of the treatment area. With medical attention, side effects from sclerotherapy can be successfully handled.


How does sclerotherapy cause veins to disappear?

The sclerotherapy procedure involves injecting a sclerosing agent into the unwanted spider and varicose veins. The solution causes irritation in the lining of the vein, causing it to gradually narrow until it closes and disappears. These spider veins are not necessary for function and can be safely eradicated.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

The solutions used today are formulated to improve comfort, and Dr. Downie uses a very small needle for precise injections. What most patients experience is a mild sting from each injection. With the advances that have been made in sclerotherapy, the procedure is only minimally uncomfortable.

How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different, but most of our patients see results they love within at least six or more treatments. Mild cases with only a few small veins may significantly improve in one to two treatments.

Does activity need to be altered after treatment?

In fact, walking is a great activity to engage in after sclerotherapy. The movement encourages circulation and promotes healing. On the other hand, strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least two to three days.

If veins on your legs cause you embarrassment, call the office of Montclair dermatologist Dr. Downie today for a consultation to find out how sclerotherapy can help. And remember, absolutely no crossing your legs!


image Dermatology ® P.C. - Sclerotherapy Video

Image Dermatology - Sclerotherapy Video
Sclerotherapy is available at image Dermatology ® P.C. to help remove any dominant markings caused by linings of the blood vessels and works as a ‘magic eraser’ which is great for patients who need immediate treatment.

“To do sclero, and again into these little vessels, there we go. Mr. Magic Eraser.”

Find out how lasers can remove leg veins

Find out how lasers can remove leg veins
Dr. Jeanine Downie talks laser Sclerotherapy for a patient whose legs have veins that come very close to the skin. A genetic condition that makes your veins visible to the surface of the skin can be addressed with laser Sclerotherapy for those who do not wish to undergo the invasive technique of needling.

Hey Instagram fans! Happy Friday, I am here lasering one of my favorite patients, who does not want to be identified, on her legs on a Friday. I have not seen her in two and a half years so I’m really mad at her, but you see this giant smile on my face so I’m really not mad at her, and her husband came with her to soften the blow, but he doesn’t want to be identified ei-ther, so you’re not going to see either one of them. But getting to my procedure, what we do is we use the Excel V laser, and I pretty much, I pinpoint exactly what’s gonna work the best for the caliber of the leg veins. So she has some of these that you can just press and you can just see good capillary refill, that means that these are going away. Then she has some of these bluish ones, she’s like what is this? I’m not old and gray and blue, I don’t need those. She’s young, she’s vital, she’s fabulous, but genetically she has leg veins and so that’s the way it goes. So you can either do sclerotherapy, which is injectables, which she doesn’t like, or you can do laser which she loves so that’s what we’re doing today. So it works great, my patients love it, another methodology of kind of what I do, what I do. We definitely need to do it with the gel, and so please watch and enjoy.

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.