The amazing no-downtime treatment CO2LIFT

Dr. Jeanine Downie of image Dermatology ® P.C. in Montclair, NJ is excited to offer CO2LIFT, a new type of no-downtime treatment. This medical grade line of products from Lumisque Skincare works by harnessing the therapeutic power of carbon dioxide to tighten, lift, and rejuvenate tissue.


Many anti-aging and skin firming formulas use familiar ingredients or techniques. CO2LIFT is truly different. It utilizes carboxytherapy, a therapeutic technique that has been used in medicine since the early 1930s.

Carboxytherapy works by increasing epidermal carbon dioxide penetration. This promotes vasodilation, which is the dilation of tiny blood vessels, increasing circulation in the treated tissue. Circulation is critical for oxygen delivery as well as waste elimination within the skin.

CO2LIFT treatments are painless, noninvasive, and require no downtime. They can be used individually, or in conjunction with dermatological procedures such as tissue tightening or laser therapy. The line of products includes:

  • Signature CO2LIFT mask – Carboxy gel treatment to replenish and hydrate tired, lackluster skin with no downtime or pain
  • CO2LIFT V – A unique treatment for feminine rejuvenation in the privacy and comfort of home, with no pain or downtime

Actual Patient Results


This is your secret weapon in the fight against aging and other skin problems! Carboxy gel is a medical grade formula, designed appropriate for use on the face or body, to improve hydration, elasticity, texture, and more. It is appropriate for the face or body, including delicate skin around the eyes. There is no pain during treatment and no unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, you can use the CO2LIFT mask at your convenience, from the comfort of home.

The mask is supplied as a kit with two packets, which are combined to release the power of carboxytherapy. Just mix them and apply the resulting gel to the treatment area. After about 35 or 45 minutes, remove the mask by peeling it off. CO2LIFT Pro mask is gentle enough for sensitive skin, or for use after microneedling, laser therapy, or chemical peels. It is appropriate for men and women of any age, with any skin type.

CO2LIFT Pro Treatment Mask

The benefits include:

  • Increase skin hydration
  • Reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Enhance healing
  • Lift and tighten skin
  • Shrink large pores
  • Improve skin texture
  • Reduce laxity
  • Improve skin tone
  • Enjoy healthier, younger looking skin


Carboxytherapy helps regenerate tissue wherever it is applied. Lumisque CO2LIFT V is specifically designed for delicate vaginal and vulvar tissue. It treats problems such as vaginal dryness and laxity, which may be associated with age, stress, or the effects of childbirth. The process involves daily home treatment sessions, which take less than an hour and have no side effects.

Dr. Downie will provide complete instructions and a take-home kit that includes treatment formulas, mixing sticks, and applicators. Simply mix the gel and apply to the vulva, and use the supplied syringe to apply it to the first third of the vaginal canal. After 45 minutes, you will remove the gel with a water douche. The process is repeated daily, usually for 10 to 15 days. Fewer CO2LIFT V sessions are needed for women using it as an adjunct to energy-based tissue tightening. Results can be maintained with one treatment session monthly.

The benefits include:

  • Tightening of vaginal tissue
  • Help reduce pain during sexual intercourse
  • Improve elasticity and skin tone
  • Reduce vaginal dryness
  • Rejuvenate tissue for aesthetic improvement of the vulvar area
  • Reclaim your feminine confidence


No pain. No downtime. No invasive procedure. No reason to wait! Call image Dermatology ® P.C. at (973) 509-6900 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Downie to find out how CO2LIFT treatments can help you.

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General Info on CO2Lift Pro

General Info on CO2Lift Pro
Video Introduction for the Benefits of CO2LIFT by Lumisque Skincare. Learn about the ONLY clinically proven gel that delivers CO2 to the skin to rejuvenate, revitalize, and regenerate it. The Co2Lift Carboxy gel is a super-hydrating treatment that delivers carbondioxide to the skin. Carboxytherapy is over 85 years old, but typically applied through use of needles. The CO2Lift Carboxy Gel Mask is a non-invasive way to deliver the treatment. The results are immediate. Although best applied in a series of at least 3 done no more than 1 week apart. It can be done as a stand-alone or combined with other treatments like laser or micro needling.

CO2 lift by Lumisque is the Carboxy gel mask, a super hydrating treatment that delivers carbon dioxide to the skin. This acts as a natural vasodilator of blood vessels. This approach leads to the localized widening of blood vessels with a resultant increase in oxygen transport to the local tissue. Also to improve cell metabolism. Particularly for oxygenation, and up regulation of cell metabolic machinery. It also has been shown in a number of papers, infusing on that we wrote 6 years ago. To stimulate new collagen from aging both type 1 and type 3 collagen, and is also been shown to have anti-inflammatory capabilities as well. The CO2 is absorbed into the skin, it induces and immediate vasodilation, long term angiogenesis, and most importantly perhaps it allows again the trans epidermal delivery, of any type of nutrient or any type of substance for which you want trans epidermal delivery. In clinical testing, again is bee looked at as you can see here from the video angiography evaluation to increase both the amount vasculature, as well as the dilation or diameter of blood vessels. CO2 lift carboxy gel mask rejuvenates the face, the eyes, neck, hands, body and vagina. With no pain yet immediate results, it is simple proven and effective. The treatment is clinically proven to hydrate the skin, but also to increase micro-circulation and speed healing. We are using a delivery system that involves no pain, no downtime, just immediate results. Another thing too is the fact that the line is addressing hydration, which is very imprint in anti-ageing, to keep you skin full of water or the ability to maintain hydration. So when you look at the sea of products that are out there, that how we are going to choose? How are we going to choose which one is right in your skin care regime? Well you want to look at something that is going to provide a solution to the hydration. That one factor. How are you going to increase hydration? How are you going to give your skin the ability to be able to maintain it? Well the C02 lift line is doing that, and tis very effective. It is a one of a kind product. I have found that CO2 Lift really calms down the rosacea calms down the inflammation, and in some case of acne, reduces the appearance of the acne lesions. Quite remarkably is used for photo damage, line and wrinkles around the eyes, so a lot of indications for one product. It is used either as a standalone treatment, or after treatment like laser, chemical peels, or micro needling. I have used it after laser treatment, after IPL, I have used it after micro needling, it is great with micro needling because with the micro needling it really lets the product go even a little further. The same with micro needle abrasion, you can imagine with little channels, what this product can do. So I think it really shines after micro needling, and after microdermabrasion. When used following procedure it helps to reduce inflammation, speed healing and improve the results of the procedure. When used continuously, it will help to keep the skin healthy and youthful. The reason why the C02Lift mask is popular now among consumer is that it represents a totally different approach to anti-aging of the skin. There is no pain, there is minimal cost, it’s got no side effects, and it’s totally different mechanism that we used before. Historically we used things like retinols; Retin A is an example, all kinds of antioxidant, and growth factors to propone healthier skin. But never have we had a mask like this that brings out oxygen into the skin. A totally natural way of promoting anti-ageing and healthier skin. The carbon dioxide is created when the water in one packet mixes with the magnesium carbonate in the other packet, then forming a mild acid that mixes with the Gluconolactone. The resulting gel’s patented formula allows CO2 to be absorbed in the skin. This makes it unique, hypoallergenic and mild to the skin with a pH of 5.5. The CO2Lift line includes a C02Lift Pro, for face eyes and body and the CO2 Lift V, a take home vaginal rejuvenation treatment which may help solve the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. We often try to do things that make the skin healthier, even before those procedures. So whether it is laser resurfacing for sun damages skin on the face, or vaginal rejuvenation procedures for a think vaginal skin, anything we can do to make the skin healthier in the half of time, will make the procedure go better and the results will be even better. The desire, the arousal, the lubrication, the orgasm increased. So there are very good results using the patient the CO2LiftV. When we make the test with the Function Sexual Function Index. Both are only available through a provider. CO2Lift, the carboxy gel mask is a must for any provider looking to provide the latest in technology and increase revenue to their practice. For more information or to receive a free sample visit and email

General Info on the CO2LiftV

General Info on the CO2LiftV
Learn about the latest in technology in feminine restoration. Hear from Lana Kerr, Dr Red Alinsod, Dr Gustavo Leibaschoff, Dr Nathan Eberle, Dr Naomi Paschall,Dr. Cristina Sabroso about what they say about the effective treatment for vaginal dryness. Designed to alleviate symptoms of menopause or vaginal dryness and or painful sex. CO2LiftV Vaginal kit is comprised of 5 treatments , 5 applicator syringes. The Large packet and the small packet are mixed in a small bowl or cup, extract the gel with the applicator syring provided, insert into the vagina. The rest apply on the outside around vulva. Leave on for 45 minutes. Then with the same applicator syring, after washing out , douche the vagina with clean water, The gel will fall out. Then wash the outside. Pat dry. There is no downtime. Generally we hear reports that a patient is seeing and feeling results in as little as 4 to 5 treatments. Doctors recommend 10 applications done within 2 weeks. Then maintain by doing a treatment once per month.

Genito Urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is defined as a collection of symptoms and signs associated with the decrease in estrogen involving changes in the labia majora and labia minora, clitoris, vagina and bladder. Some of the symptoms are dryness, burning, itching, painful sex and post coital bleeding. These issues face a great percentage of women and this number continues to grow. This not only applies to women who are Perio and post-menopausal, but young women on medication, women who have had hysterectomies, or simply dealing with the stress of life. Lumisque skin care is proud to introduce the CO2Lift V, a take home vaginal treatment, another product in the CO2lift Carboxy Gel line. It is providing a real solution to a problem that women have of vaginal dryness, of all the things associated with gain of that area, and I feel that to be able to provide a solution that women can do in the privacy of her home, that effective is something that I’m very passionate about. Over the past 85 years Carboxytherapy has effectively been used to treat patient with different pathologies. It increase the local blood flow of the vulva vaginal tissues, and when you increase the blood flow of the tissues, you can then increase the ability of the fibroblast to create new collagen and perhaps new elastin, you increase the microcirculation of the tissues – so that the nerves are fed with the oxygen and the sensitivity can improve. There have been studies with histopathology and looking at actual tissues that are treated and you can see that increase in the diameter of the blood vessels, the microcirculation is measurable, it is a measurable increase in vascular blood flow. Statistics show there is a growing demand in solutions for vaginal rejuvenation. So the CO2LiftV is very interesting primarily in practice as we’ve seen. Trends in plastic surgery the last handful of years, we’ve seen that more and more women are undergoing rejuvenation of the genital area, and having a novel, non-invasive way to deliver carboxytherapy so the patient can take at home and have some very significant benefits. CO2LiftV is easy to apply. The gel is mixed and then extracted with the syringe and inserted into the first 3rd of the vagina and applied around the vulva. It keeps on for 45 minutes and then douched out of the vagina with water using the syringe provided. The gel will fall out. Then wipe off the gel from the vulva. Women often see results in as little as 3 applications. I started using the CO2Lift V, I finished the first 15 and I have noticed change from the third or the fourth. It has been amazing and I feel a lot more lubricated a lot more and I just don’t feel any pain, my husband has felt the difference – we are very very happy. Several small studies have been done on the safety and efficacy of the product. These testing included using the FSFI questionnaire and the Gloria Bachman VHI questionnaire and doing biopsies. The results are very promising concluding that the CO2LiftV would be an effective alternative for patients looking for a solution that involves no hormones, no surgical recovery, no downtime. Women all over are benefiting from CO2Lift V. Visually my results is that there is a firmness there. it is not laced, its tighter, I feel like it looks better, in that case and then they dryness is definitely decreased. I also have not noticed any urinary incontinence, it helped with that initially, which was not something expected and the biggest thing that I noticed was the dryness- that was alleviated prior to intercourse, and then during and after I did not had the pain. Today more and more women want to control their own sexual experience and are looking for a solution for this inevitable problem. This product is not just working on the appearance and the overall health of the vagina, but it is also working on the mind, that is the part of the product that I absolutely love. Interestingly enough even though I got it to help with painful sex, the cosmetic results are amazing, it tightens it, it is soft and smooth and my husband even noticed, and he thinks it look fantastic. Now I am not afraid of it so, you know when you know you’re about to have pain, you naturally tense up even more, and that gone, and the apprehension towards sex is gone and it is what it should be it’s fun. The CO2LiftV has been used by professionals after episiotomies and labiaplasty and is appealing to providers because it is effective and simple. There are so many women that do not respond to some of the treatments out there, so we have women that cannot use estrogen therapy, they have many different risk factors, and so there is really no other option besides major surgery or doing a procedure that a lot of women cannot afford. CO2LiftV can either be used as a standalone or as a post care after radio frequency or laser. With the CO2LiftV it seems to extend time between ThermiVa treatment and with the CO2LiftV with ThermiVa, the patient definitely maintains the tissue moisture, the comfort, the blood flow of her tissues, and in fat the improved sensitivity. I feel very blessed to be a part of this project, just simply because of the fact that I know it works and so I can say that I am not just the president but I am a client. It is a must have for any provider looking to be part of the solution to this growing need.

Testimonial from 50 year old on the CO2LiftV

Testimonial from 50 year old on the CO2LiftV
Hear how Gina, 52 years old loved the results of using the CO2LiftV- the takehome vaginal treatment that is helping women like her enjoy better intimacy. She saw a difference in the outside appearance of that area, looking more youthful, also better lubrication, increases sensitivity of her vaginal region. She encourages women to see how this CO2LiftV can help them as well. She loves that it could be done in the privacy of her home. She noticed results after only 5 or 6 treatments

I found that it was —it tightened everything up, it allowed as far as sexual intercourse—it lubricate everything a little bit more so it was not as painful. Right now, I am on all these anti estrogen medications for breast cancer and that depletes all of the great things that you get from estrogen so this really helped It out very much so. My partner did see a difference absolutely. Aesthetically you could see that, it almost looked like that of a 21 year old. I had 18 treatments. I want to say I had about ballpark of about 5/6 before I saw results. Well, application was you know I guess you really have to spend some time and you have to be sitting on the couch watching TV or something like that because you have to be still and you want it to stay in place. So what I would do I put on a series that I was watching and I sat myself in front of the television for an hour, it made it much easier. I am not very, I am a person that can’t sit still, so if I put a good series on I am good to go. It was just, don’t be walking around if you put it on—you inject it and you just sit down you have to do that and it is fine. I heard from a doctor— she knew I was having some issues and based on my estrogen and the medications that I have to take, soshe knew that I would be a good candidate for this.i think it just makes sex much more pleasurable it looks a lot different, iv not had children but like I said it is all these medications – they change everything so I think I feel more confident and I think it looks like when I would look down when I was a young girl and it looks exactly the same so. Absoutly recommend it ot my irends, I did already to my siter – she went and got some kind of laser treatmetn that was not – I believe she said it was a little bit painful and she got the same results if not I was probably a little bit better and the cost – it was astronomical that she had pain. So next time around she is going to go with this. I just think that if most women; they want everything to look good downstairs. If you can have some information here and you know everybody wants to be private about these things, but if it’s something you can do in the privacy of your own home I think more women would be up to doing it, so people are embarrassed to talk about it. Yeah. And I was so excited that I could just take it home, mix it up myself and do it on my own time and see the russ in 5 to 6 treatments. I am just glad that I had this opportunity because – being on these medications, it changes everything, and I feel like sex is so much more pleasurable and it is nice to have this opportunity for sure.

Also here is a video on mixing and application

Also here is a video on mixing and application
Please see how to apply the CO2Lift Treatment mask. FOR BEST RESULTS FROM APPLICATION OF Co2LIFT- (PLEASE STORE IN A COOL PLACE) 1. Empty contents of larger packet (A)into a small container first. Next mix in the smaller packet (B) 2. Must be mixed to a smooth consistency, not lumpy 3. Apply immediately using a plastic or wood applicator 4. Determine the area that needs most attention; Ensure that it receives proper coverage. 5. Best to begin under eyes, treatment applied right up to the lower lash first. Then apply to upper eyelid 6. Be aware that coverage of the treatment will vary based on the size of face 7. Complete the face and then use additional product to cover as much of the neck/hands as possible 8. When applying, create a ledge around the perimeter of the face for easy removal. NOTE 9. Can be applied to other parts of the body that need rejuvenation. Make sure that it is applied thick enough

CO2 Lift Pro Application; step one empty content of larger packet into a small container and mix with the smaller packet. Step two mix into a smooth, not lumpy, consistency. Step three apply immediately using a plastic or wood applicator. Best to begin under the eyes, right up to the lower lash first. Then apply to upper eyelid. When applying, create a ledge around the perimeter of the face for easy removal.

Quick Facts about CO2LIFTV for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Quick Facts about CO2LIFTV for Vaginal Rejuvenation
Watch this informative video about carboxytherapy treatment on Vaginal Rejuvenation with CO2LIFT. Treatments provided at image Dermatology ® P.C. in Montclair, NJ

CO2LiftV – is the first scientifically proven Carboxytherapy gel treatment on the market today. It helps to restore the vagina and vulva to youthful functionality. Before I explain what carboxytherapy is, let me show you who the CO2LiftV would help – women after having children, women can have tremendous damage to their vaginal and pelvic tissues after child birth that can leave scars stretched tissues, also breast feeding women will have vaginal dryness because of the increased hormone called prolactin. Prolactin helps with the milk outflow but can also result in a very dry vagina that can result in discomfort, painful sex and lower libido. CO2LiftV will increase the local blood flow of the feminine tissues to help improve the healing process and increase the local blood flow that results in normalization of vaginal moisture, collagen and elastin formation. Women on some medications =, some medication such as for depression or anxiety some birth control, cold allergies or blood pressure medication may cause vaginal dryness which lead s to discomfort and painful sex. Women going through peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause because estrogen production is reduced dramatically this will cause more dryness, loss of collagen and elastin decreased arousal and less sensitivity – CO2LiftV can restore normal blood flow in the genital tissues, and help restore the normal moisture. Collagen thickness and lasting flexibility – this helps to provide more comfort in daily activities, including intimate moments. Women who have had chemotherapy often times this will cause the vaginal walls to become very thin, dry and fragile which can cause skin tearing, bleeding and painful sex. Women looking to improve the cosmetic appearance of the vulva more women are waxing or having laser hair reduction of the vulva and want to improve the appearance to make it soft smooth and plump. As long as to tighten the area. Stress of life can contribute to less sensitivity and less enjoyment of sex, as well as reduction in desire. All these reasons listed above contribute to less quality of life. When a woman is feeling and enjoying this aspect of life. Whether on her own or with a partner. Makes her more confident and biter at every other aspect of her life. So the next question is – How does it work? Check out our next video to see how the CO2LiftV at home vaginal kit can help.

Pain-Free Vaginal Treatment At Home with CO2LIFTV

Pain-Free Vaginal Treatment At Home with CO2LIFTV
This video helps you to learn more about the carboxytherapy on Vaginal Rejuvenation with CO2LIFT, & how it really works. image Dermatology ® P.C. in Montclair, NJ

Carboxytherapy is a safe long standing therapy over 85 years. traditionally applied through injecting carbon dioxide gas into the tissue. Now we have the first gel delivery system. The pores of infusing carbon dioxide into the skin cause the body to rush oxygen rich blood into the area. Why is this important – well consider a process that many are familiar with – laser or radio frequency. These methods use control heat to damage the skin to cause the body to rush oxygen rich blood to the area. Carbon dioxide gel creates a localized response of lowered oxygen content. The damage where the body tries to compensate by increasing the amount of oxygen in the area through the increase in blood flow or maybe you understand PRP or platelet rich plasma to enhance sexual response. The purpose of injecting this is that PRP is a concentrated blood sample that contains high level of platelets. These platelets contain growth factor that is being sent to generate tissue generation and repair which will help to heal wounds. Well CO2LiftV gel carboxytherapy and repair a no healing wound in a matter of a couple of weeks because it promotes angiogenesis or the production of new blood vessels, speeds up circulation and blood flow and may have the same effects of PRP except the results do not depends on the quality of the patients platelets. Now let me just say – laser radio frequency PRP are all great methods of treat, but they need to be done in an office. CO2LiftV a medical treatment can be done in the privacy of your home, with no pain, no downtime just results. Combination therapy always works even better. It is like saying one plus one equals three, so if you can afford to do the CO2LiftV with other treatments you may maximize results if you have already done those other treatments for precision, then the CO2LiftV will enhance and prolong those results. So just to review. CO2 Lift V is a natural hormone free way to restore the tissue to the vagina because it brings oxygen rich blood to the area, by increasing blood flow. Atrophy of the vagina which happens due to ageing is generally due to decreased blood circulation to that tissue. This is what the CO2LiftV is correcting. It increases blood flow. The next video I will explain how to apply it and answer some frequently asked questions.

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.