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  • "You are a force. Powerful, empathetic and generous. Thank you for listening and being concerned. I appreciate your accommodations and feel proud to know you."

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    Written testimonial of June for Image Dermatology - Montclair, NJ
  • "The root of all evil is the refusal to recognize the humanity of another being.” I thought about this, I agree with this – – and I believe that we need to recognize each other’s humanity. At all times."
  • "she was speaking about tennis, but she was also speaking about life “If you play not to lose, you do not win – – you must play to win.”

    I love this quote, and I tried to stress to my mentees, my students, my daughter and myself that you must play to win or you will not win.

    Eyes on the prize, continual focus and get the job done. These are some of the standards and rules that I live by daily."

  • "I have been going to image Dermatology ® P.C. since 2012 and do not trust anyone else besides Dr. Downie with my skin! Leading up to going to see Dr. Downie in 2012, my acne was so bad it was affecting my self-esteem and I was embarrassed about the state of my skin. I went to see two other dermatologists before her and the problem was not getting better.

    When I went to see Dr. Downie, she took my acne very seriously and came up with a plan to remediate it ASAP. She gave me medications and put me on a series of chemical peels. I could not believe how fast my skin cleared up after having the peels. I went to see her in the summer and by the fall my skin was magnitudes better. People would start to complement me on my skin and when I showed them the before pictures they usually could not believe I had acne previously.

    I still get acne breakouts occasionally, but when I do I always know Dr. Downie will take care of me. She has consistently taken my skin concerns very seriously over the years and I fully trust her. The chemical peels really have made so much difference in my skin. I get the peel once or twice a year now when I can afford it and love the results.

    Some of the other reviews says she tries to sell products, but I do not believe she would recommend a product/procedure if she didn’t think it would help you. Once you try the products you will realize they work and are worth the money. I wish I could say they don’t work and save yourself the money, but from my experience I spend more money trying cheaper options that end up don’t working. Also, if you are time sensitive, I would recommend trying to get an appointment first thing in the morning."

  • "Dr. Downie is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! She saved me ONE WEEK before my WEDDING! I received an IPL photofacial (intense pulsed light) from a small med spa and the Doctor using the laser BURNED my FACE!!! I had a huge burn mark under my left eye, (which Dr. Downie diagnosed as a 1st to 2nd degree burn), which had began scabbing over. I was so nervous since my Wedding was only 2 weeks away at this point and I found Dr. Downie online. I called her office and they mentioned she was booked until the end of May, (meanwhile my Wedding is May 20th). I explained to the staff my situation, what had happened and that my wedding was only two weeks away and they put me on hold, came back and said we will fit you in, come this Friday! So two weeks before my wedding I met with Dr. Downie, she immediately knew what to do and had me get a sensitive skin face wash, a face lotion, a moisturizer with SPF, a liquid bandaid treatment, and a burn treatment. She gave me tons of advice and information about my skin and was so sweet. She put me at ease, at a time when I was already stressed out. One week later I went back for a check up with Dr. Downie because she wanted to ensure her plan had worked and my scab was completely GONE, not only was the scab gone, but there was hardly even a spot that anyone would ever be able to tell I was burned by a laser. I can't thank Dr. Downie enough, I am officially a patient for life! "
  • " I love Dr. Downie and her staff. This was the best experience I have ever had in my life with a doctor and a doctors staff.I have melasma and have seen many dermatologist but this is the first time I have hope.The doctor is very knowledgeable,friendly and goes above and beyond to explain the diagnosis, the procedures that will be getting done and the products that will be used. She even combines a homeopathic course of action.The doctor and her staff even use video to further explain issues. Products are also given on the spot.I even was seen a half hour early.This is the way a doctors office should be run!! I can't wait to start my procedure in three weeks.I finally will get the help that Ive been looking for for so long.I highly recommend this doctor."
  • "Dr. Downie is just so fantastic! She takes her expertise and applies it to your need work areas. If it has to do with skin, Dr. D., will have a positive effect on your troubled spot. She will improve your look with a personalized beauty regiment. The D in Downie is not just her name, it's what she does best- DERMATOLOGY!!"
  • "Dr.Downie is an amazing woman, She is loving and caring and believes in her career. She believes in her patients and their well-being. Dr.Downie is a woman who will not stop looking for answers and solutions to your skin problems until she has found the exact problem and solution. Her staff is an amazing group of people who are very professional as well as attentive to the patients need. Dr. Downie made me feel like i don't have to look any further for proper, effective, safe and a peace of mind care. I would like to thank Dr.Downie for being the one to say and display integrity. I'm so proud to have her as my Dermatologist. Meeting Dr.Downie was a long road traveled."
  • "To this day, I entrust Dr. Downie with ALL my dermatological needs. I'm always asked if I'm wearing makeup because my skin is so clear. I'm so happy that I've finally found a doctor who has been able to treat my skin conditions & clear them up!"
  • "Dr. Downie and her staff are very friendly and will really take care of you. My first time to be there but you will never feel out of place. Her staff gave me a nice smile and information about my visit. When I met Dr. Downie, first thing she showed me was her beautiful smile and from there, I felt comfortable. She was so focused to my condition and concern. In addition, she Explained clearly to me all my medication. Another thing that really made my day was when she told me, "Tess, you are beautiful. I will take your condition very serious and have your confidence back". I will definitely recommend Dr. Downie to my friends and family."
  • "Dr. Downie is knowledgeable, compassionate & her staff is the best I've seen. I originally went to her for a hormonal skin condition developed after three pregnancies. When my youngest developed severe acne, I knew Dr. Downie would be able to help, but was extremely surprised by how well she connected with her at the very first visit. She gave my daughter hope & followed through with outstanding results. I have & will continue recommending this wonderful doctor."
  • "Dr Downie is the most compassionate Doctor I've ever seen. She takes time to get to know her patients on a personal level. She cares about you and it shows!"
  • "I love Doctor Downie. She knows her stuff and made my skin Flawless. I would definitely recommend her...FYI Be sure to bring extra money. It can be pricey"
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Jeanine B. Downie for the past two years. I was a sufferer of acne and had sun damaged skin seeing countless dermatologist without any results until I started going to Image Dermatology®. Through the treatment and guidance of Dr. Downie and her amazing staff my skin has never looked better. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from skin imperfections and or problematic skin seek treatment at image Dermatology ® P.C.."
  • "I've been going to Dr. Downie for the past 5 years and I've seen numerous dermatologists over the past 15 years! All I have to say is that my skin hasn't been this clear since I was 17! I absolutely love her!"
  • "AN AMAZING ROLE MODEL! - Dr. Downie is an amazing doctor. I am only 12 years old, and I hated my facial appearance. I had been using several different acne medicines, but none of them seemed to work. So, my dad took me to see her, and she was wonderful. She educated me on my skin, and made me feel as if she was seriously concerned with how my face looked. In one month, I've seen a huge difference in my appearance. Dr. Downie has strongly inspired me. I have been saying for a couple of years that I wanted to be a doctor I went from a veterinarian, to a neonatologist, and to an optometrist. But, since I met Dr. Downie, I'm sure that I want to follow in her footsteps and become a dermatologists. Dr. Downie is not only an amazing woman, but an amazing doctor and role model. I would strongly recommend her for others."
  • "AWESOME MD AND PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT - I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Downie's office. Her staff was very professional. I first met her knowledgeable physician assistant who diagnosed me and prescribed me medication. I then met Dr. Downie who took her time to discuss my condition further. I highly recommend image Dermatology ® P.C.."
  • " I have been to many dermatologists for psoriasis. I have been prescribed numerous medications that haven't helped. I went to Dr. Downie's office as a last resort and saw a Physician Assistant. She listened attentively to ever detail and spent a lot of time with me. She really cared about my skin issues. She prescribed me medication that worked within days. When I had a question the following day she answered my phone call quickly. Very nice office environment and friendly staff. Will definitely go back."
  • "Dr. D is the most personable Dr. I ever met in my life, she totally informed me on everything from procedure to insurance information. I trust her with my life! Not only does she have the looks to be a supermodel, she has the most amazing personality!"
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