Types of chemical peels

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A chemical peel is a wonderful, gentle therapy that can improve many cosmetic and medical skin problems. One of the greatest benefits of chemical peels is customization. Many factors, including the active ingredients, strength, and duration, can be adjusted, allowing us to tailor peels to specific skin types or skin conditions. Although there are an endless variety of options, peels are generally categorized according to depth.

Light peels
Also called superficial peels, these involve little to no downtime and are safe for all types of skin. Light peels encourage rapid cell turnover in the uppermost layer of skin, improving the texture, tone, and health. Specific ingredients may be used to help control acne, lessen hyperpigmentation, improve the symptoms of rosacea, and more.

Depending on the specific peel used, there may be light flaking for a few days; however, light peels have no significant downtime. Many can be completed in the length of a lunch hour, and makeup can be applied immediately, so you can go on about your day. A monthly superficial peel is a great way to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells and keep your skin glowing. Dr. Downie never misses her monthly peel!

Medium peels
These peels are performed with a stronger formula, left on the skin for longer, or both. The result is deeper penetration than superficial peels achieve. Although they do not involve significant downtime, there may be noticeable peeling or redness for several days. Complete healing is usually achieved within a couple of weeks, often much sooner, depending on the specific peel.

Because medium peels reach deeper layers of skin, they achieve more dramatic results than light peels. This is a good option for treating acne scars, uneven skin tone, slight wrinkling, and more. Individuals with sensitive skin, dark skin tones, or conditions such as rosacea may not be good candidates for deeper peels. A series of lighter peels may be recommended rather that a single, more aggressive treatment.

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Deep peels
Genuine deep chemical peels are rarely used today, because laser treatment can accomplish deep resurfacing more efficiently and comfortably, with less downtime.

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