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"The office is in a easy to get to location, was clean and fantastically decorated. The staff was polite and efficient. Dr. Downie was personable and made diagnosis and treatment plan. The diagnosis was the most indepth that I had ever received and everything was explained to me. The treatment plan addressed all my concerns. The products are great and I see results already. I feel confident that my skin is now under the right care."
~ Joya L. ~
Skin care is a critical aspect of Dr. Downie's dermatological practice. She is a fellow of the Skin Cancer Foundation, and can be found on various media outlets educating the public about skin cancer, self-checks, and the need for sun block and skin protection. She spoke on ways to stay safe in the sun on The Today Show May 17th 2009.

Every year, approximately 3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer. That figure is on the rise and Dr. Downie believes it will continue to increase as thousands of young women and men choose to subject themselves to the hazards of tanning beds. Additionally less than 30 percent of Americans wear sun block on a regular basis. Skin cancer is serious, and is the most common form of cancer in the United States. People need to be aware of their skin and notice if a mole is changing; if a bump or nodule appears or is not healing properly.

Total body checks are extremely important in catching skin cancer in its early stages, before other organs are involved. Everyone needs a total skin surface check at least once a year by a board certified dermatologist. Dr. Downie offers total body skin checks, from scalp to toes, and spends time educating her patients about the importance of wearing sun block and taking good care of their skin.

When Dr. Downie suspects a skin cancer, she will biopsy it and send it to the lab. Her staff will call you with the biopsy results and you may need an excision in her office if it turns out cancerous. If you do have a skin cancer, at least every six months body checks are recommended to monitor the area and be sure no other suspicious markings appear. Ongoing sun protection is vital with SPF of 30 with frequent reapplication.

Skin cancer is extremely serious, and needs to be treated as the life-threatening disease that it can become. By consulting with a dermatologist like Dr. Downie who makes skin care and skin cancer a priority, you can live a healthy lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activity, while still taking care of your skin and body.

If you have noticed moles or skin tags that have changed in size, shape, or color, that itch or are painful and want to have a complete body check to diagnose possible problems, call Dr. Downie's office today. Put your skin in her capable hands when you schedule a skin cancer screening.
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