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EmSculpt™ - the modern way to tone, tighten, and lift without surgery or exercise

Most people would love to lose a few inches around the midsection, have a firmer belly, and show off a sculpted buttock. Yet that can be difficult to achieve with busy lifestyles where we eat on the go and rarely find time to squeeze in a proper workout. Dr. Jeanine Downie has a contemporary, effective non-surgical fat reduction and non-invasive body contouring solution. With a new technology called EmSculpt™, she helps men and women from Montclair, NJ and across region get the bodies they desire.

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

EmSculpt™ knocks out pudge with a one-two punch

At one time, surgical liposuction was the only valid spot reduction technique. Today there are other fat reduction treatment systems available, yet none address the issue of muscle tone. Until now.

EmSculpt™ body contouring is cleared by the FDA for:
  • Developing a firmer abdomen.
  • Improvement of abdominal tone.
  • Strengthening abdominal muscles.
  • Strengthening, toning, and firming buttocks, too!

True Game Change

The device is patented by BTL, a respected global leader in aesthetic medical technology. It painlessly administers HIFEM - high intensity focused electromagnetic energy - which triggers about 20,000 forced muscle contractions per treatment session. These supramaximal contractions work muscles more than sit-ups, squats, or any other exercise. However, just like a good workout, EmSculpt™ increases the demand for energy, metabolizing fat and building lean muscle.

In clinical studies, EmSculpt™ increased muscle mass by 16 percent and reduced fat by 19 percent in treated areas.

EmSculpt™is ideal for flattening the belly, and it develops a lifted, shapely buttocks- without the risks associated with fat injections or implants. While each treatment plan is customized, patients typically get desired results with four to six 30-minute sessions.After that, a few re-treatments each year maintain results.There is no downtime, and the only side effect is a bit of muscle soreness that passes quickly.

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Average Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Not only about fat

Your home for advanced treatment options

Would you like to stimulate your body’s natural capacity to build muscle and burn fat? Are you wondering where to find qualified EmSculpt™ treatment in Montclair, NJ?As a Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Downieis dedicated to bringing the most progressive services to patients of image Dermatology ® P.C. , with current technologies and focused training.

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Before & After – emsculpt

Non-Invasive Butt Left

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Non-Invasive Procedure

Without Downtime Without Anesthesia

Without Downtime Without Anesthesia Before and After 02
One of my favorite patients busted me, and told me that I got this machine to my own abs – – but that I was going to allow my patients to use it. I laughed but I knew he was completely correct. This machine is awesome and will help me tone my abdomen and lose some inches of fat. I am delighted and very excited to share this technology with my patients!!

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Dr. Downie uses Emsculpt to tighten her own abs - Amazing Results

Hello BTL fans this is the latest machine, The EMSculpt, that is chiseling away at my abdomen right now, it is the equivalent of doing about 20 000 sit-ups in a half an hour. I am expecting to lose a little bit of fat, I am expecting to really define my muscles in my abdomen, its roughly about 4 treatments sessions and then you do have to do maintenance, I am super excited, it is FDA approved for the stomach and for the buttocks and this is a treatment that I want my patients to do, I want my fans to do.

Emsculpt In Montclair MJ - Build Muscle & Sculpt Your Body

I been trying to let it go but is gone right now.


If you are going to trust your face to a doctor, it ought to be to the best, and Dr. Downie is the ticket. Why? Because she is up to date in her field, she is honest enough to tell you that you are going to look worse before you look better (when procedures take time to heal) and when you when you really mess up your face (like I did in a fall) she walks with you through the healing, checking it along the way. I look as if nothing ever even happened.

I hate waiting for doctors, but I could not be any more grateful for being able to get care from the best doctor in town (and maybe even in the country) when I have an emergency and the kind of treatment I receive at a critical moment in time will affect how I might look forever. If your appointment was delayed while Dr. Downie was treating me, thank you!

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