Kybella for double chin removal near Far Hills, NJ is more effective than exercise to get rid of a double chin

Double Chin Removal from Dr. Jeanine Downie, Image Dermatology

Patients ask, “Do exercises for double chin removal work?”

For patients in Montclair or Far Hills, NJ, Dr. Jeanine Downie of image Dermatology® P.C. offers a range of procedures to help patients gain healthy skin and bodies. Patients experiencing submental fullness may benefit from Kybella for double chin removal. If you have considered getting rid of your double chin, you may have searched for options such as liposuction and surgery to eliminate unwanted submental fat. Both of those options are very invasive and involve significant downtime. Kybella is liposuction in a needle.

How to get rid of a double chin

The appearance of the double chin may be due to fatty deposits, excess skin, or both. Many factors may contribute to a double chin. This may include weight gain, aging, or genetics. Patients searching for fat reduction may discover a range of personal lifestyle tips or treatment options.

Option one for thinning the face often brings patients to make lifestyle changes. Good nutrition is the baseline for weight loss anywhere on the body. Patients who undergo a lifestyle change by switching to a more nutritious diet, exercise, and healthy sleeping patterns may be able to lose some of the fat in their faces. The face, neck, and chin may thin out. However, the fat cells are still present. Diet and exercise only shrink the cells. With weight gain, the cells will expand again.

Appearance of the Double from Dr. Jeanine Downie, Image DermatologyOption two is often exercise. Are there exercises to get rid of the double chin and do they work? While there is no ThighMaster or yoga pose for the neck, some people are believers in specific movements or stretches to tone your neck and chin. This may include tilting your head back to look at the ceiling and looking down again, jutting your jaw out, tipping and rolling your neck. However, you cannot spot reduce fat or tighten or tone sagging skin. The bottom line: Conventional wisdom is that you can’t exercise off your double chin in the same way you may tone up your abdomen or tighten up your buttocks.

Professional treatment options

Each patient is unique with different needs and different amounts of fat. A double chin may be present due to genetics or lifestyle factors. Diet and exercise can only lead you so far in minimizing your double chin. If you have unwanted fullness under your chin, consider Kybella, an injectable treatment made of deoxycholic acid. The injection works by dissolving excess fat to create a well-defined jaw and contoured neck. Other treatments have included lasers and surgical treatment. Both come with higher risks, downtime, recovery, and the possibility of scarring. Kybella is a revolutionary treatment that produces better, more natural results without the same risks. For many patients, Kybella is the ideal option.

Actual Patient Results

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How Kybella works

Eliminated of the Double Chin from Dr. Jeanine Downie, Image DermatologyTreatment with Kybella requires more than one office visit. Prior to the injections, topical or local anesthesia may be used if patients are concerned about discomfort. Immediately following your Kybella treatment, you may notice a warming sensation in the neck. Over the next few weeks, the fat is dissolved and eliminated by the body. Kybella permanently dissolves the fat cells. Patients begin to notice improvement six to eight weeks after the initial treatment. Additional treatments are spaced one month apart.

Every patient is unique. Several treatments are needed to achieve the optimal results each spaced one month apart. Noticeable improvement may be found after about two treatments. Side effects are limited and temporary. Remember, the results are permanent. Once fat cells are destroyed, they will not regrow in the same area.

As a board-certified dermatologist, she understands the lines of the face, jaw, and neck and how Kybella works to contour the treatment area to achieve the desired results. Let her create a personalized treatment plan to keep you looking your best.

If you want a more contoured neck and jawline, consider Kybella, a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment. Contact image Dermatology® P.C. to schedule your appointment with Dr. Downie. (973) 509-6900

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.

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