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Redefining “get in shape” with fat melting treatment

Discover new ways to shape your body with fat melting treatment from Image Dermatology in Montclair, NJ, near Essex Fells

Fitness is often described as “getting in shape,” but that isn’t really applicable. While exercise is important for good health, it isn’t guaranteed to reshape your body. In fact, the most problematic bulges, such as belly fat, bra rolls, or thighs, are often the least impacted by membership to an Essex Fells, NJ gym. You might shed a few pounds and bulk up your biceps, but the muffin top stubbornly remains.

Isn’t there a better way? Yes! Fat melting treatment can literally shape your body, and it is available right here at image Dermatology ® P.C. in Montclair. Dr. Downie and her team offer several options to help you love your curves.

Why radiofrequency is ideal for fat melting

Lasers are probably the best-known aesthetic devices, but they are not ideal for all applications. They work with light energy, which is readily absorbed by certain components in skin. Most notably, lasers act on skin pigment. That is why they are able to selectively target hair follicles, tattoo ink, or specific skin blemishes. However, that mechanism of action can be problematic when heating deep tissues, because a significant portion of light energy is absorbed by surface layers.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a different type of energy, which does not involve light. It is known as a colorblind energy source, because it is not drawn to pigment. In fact, RF energy travels easily through upper skin layers, without damaging or overheating them. Therefore, devices using RF energy can safely target deep tissues, which is where those stubborn fat pockets lurk.

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How non surgical fat melting works

The most surprising fact about non surgical fat reduction is that most patients only lose a minimal amount of weight, if any. Yet, they look significantly slimmer and trimmer. How does it work? The secret is targeting specific, problematic pockets of stubborn fat. In reality, these procedures are not about losing pounds. Instead, they are about losing inches – right where it counts the most.

RF energy is applied to the treatment area in carefully measured doses, targeting the fatty layer below the skin. Temperature control systems prevent the surface from overheating. As a result, fat is broken down with no damage to the skin. After treatment, the impacted fat is naturally metabolized and eliminated from the body, thus, flattening unwanted pooches and bulges.

The benefits include:

  • Significantly improve your body shape
  • Target the stubborn areas of fat that bother you
  • Improve the way your clothes fit and look
  • No downtime and minimal side effects
  • No surgery, no scar
  • Long-lasting results without changing your diet or activity

Benefits of RF fat reduction treatment

Fat melting treatment can literally shape your body

Like lasers, RF devices vary greatly. Different machines excel in different uses. That is why our office is equipped with a suite of state-of-the-art technology, enabling us to customize treatment for each patient. We offer Vanquish and Exilis, both of which are RF-based devices, which can be used on virtually any area of the body with wonderful results. However, each device has unique benefits.


  • Noncontact device can be used for any size or shape of body
  • Ideal for treatment of larger areas, such as the abdomen or back
  • Excels in fat reduction, with some patients losing more than an inch and a half waist size


  • Versatile, handheld device enables precision sculpting
  • Ideal for smaller spot treatment and delicate areas, such as the eyelids or under the chin
  • Helps trigger collagen remodeling as well as fat melting, to reduce dimensions and tighten skin

Alternatives to RF fat melting

 Image Dermatology in Montclair. Dr. Downie and her team

Vanquish and Exilis are amazing, and they achieve wonderful results. However, they are not the only exceptional body sculpting solutions at image Dermatology ® P.C.. We also offer:

  • Emsculpt – The latest advance in technological body sculpting. HIFEM high frequency electromagnetic field energy triggers supramaximal contractions that burn fat and build lean muscle naturally. Emsculpt is recommended for toning abs and lifting the buttocks. We have been using this technology in our practice since August 2018 to give our patients the most effective results.
  • Kybella – It’s like liposuction in a simple injection! Kybella is a medication that destroys fat cells in the treatment area. Although best known as a double-chin treatment, Kybella can be used virtually anywhere you have small, localized accumulations of fat. It must be injected directly into the fat pocket, making it impractical for large areas. Kybella usually requires multiple treatments.
  • Futura Pro – Beyond just fat melting, this is one of the most advanced body sculpting procedures available. This treatment mimics the effects of exercise, burning fat, and even releasing endorphins.

Dr. Downie has the new high frequency electromagnetic muscle builder/fat burner that she will be offering in her practice as of early August. This treatment decreases body fat by 16% and builds muscle by 19%.

The machine is called HIFEM and it can also lift and tone the buttocks. You lose inches for sure with this machine and you tone your abdomen and/or rear end.

Let us help you find your ideal body shaping solution. Call image Dermatology ® P.C. at (973) 509-6900 and schedule a consultation today.


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