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Do you dislike the appearance of visible veins on your legs? Do you wear hosiery even in warm weather, or hide your legs under trousers or slacks? Spider veins and varicose veins, large dilated blood vessels, can be unattractive and embarrassing for both women and men.

Large blood vessels are caused by aging, genetics, long periods of standing, crossing your legs, poor circulation, weight gain and inactivity. While exercising regularly, wearing support hose, and eating a proper diet will help to prevent some leg veins, you may still fight them regardless of your lifestyle.

There is a dermatological solution to visible veins – sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves an injectable formulation that significantly decreases the appearance of leg veins. Sclerotherapy works very well in treating smaller blood vessels, and can be used for larger, more obtrusive, problematic ones. It is used to treat varicose veins, although alternative methods may be more effective in treating very large ones. Sclerotherapy is appropriate only for use in the legs.
Sclerotherapy Montclair
Sclerotherapy Montclair
6 Weeks
Sclerotherapy Montclair
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"My son had his first appointment there today and the staff and the Dr.'s were so professional and very attentive I had a GREAT experience..."
~ Suesan Suzy Q Hart ~
Treatment sessions typically last about 20 minutes, depending on the number of veins that are being addressed. Six or more professional treatment sessions may be needed to realize full results.

The compound is a combination of chemicals including glycerin and a little lidocaine, which soothes discomfort associated with the injections. This formulation results in a much more comfortable experience than the patient may have had in the past with the hypertonic salines formerly used to combat varicose and spider veins. Sclerotherapy is more effective and less costly than laser treatment.

Sclerotherapy allows you to have younger-looking legs, increasing your confidence and giving you the opportunity to show off your gorgeous gams in shorts or a skirt! Dr. Downie is a believer – she performs sclerotherapy on herself, and no longer wears stockings!

If veins on your legs cause you embarrassment, call Dr. Downie today for a consultation to find out how sclerotherapy can help.
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