Posterior thigh rejuvenation with ThermiTight

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The posterior thigh is the backside of the leg, from buttock to knee. For many women, this is prime real estate for cellulite. Liposuction is the “go to” technique for removal of excess fat on thighs, but it can worsen the appearance of cellulite. In addition, some women with cellulite do not have surplus padding. Dr. Jeanine Downie of Image Dermatology® offers an effective alternative. ThermiTight helps New Jersey ladies love their legs again.

Essence of ThermiTight

The FDA-cleared ThermiTight device uses radiofrequency energy to trigger collagen remodeling. Fresh production of collagen helps to reduce cellulite and restore firmness to posterior thigh tissues.

A ThermiTight posterior thigh lift is recommended for patients who:

  • Are concerned with dimpled, puckered flesh on the backs of legs.
  • Have sagging or wrinkled skin above the knees.
  • Want legs to look smoother and toned.
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Procedure and results

If you and Dr. Downie determine that ThermiTight is your best treatment option, the outpatient procedure is scheduled at image Dermatology®.

The doctor marks precise spots to be treated, and the area is numbed. A thin thermistor probe is inserted through a tiny opening in the skin. The probe directs RF energy at a carefully-controlled depth and temperature. Dr. Downie moves the probe up and down to ensure even application. The treated area is wrapped.

You can expect:

  • The procedure to take less than an hour.
  • To need a ride home if you have requested a sedative.
  • Little post-procedure discomfort. Some patients have swelling or tenderness, but it is easily managed with over the counter analgesics.
  • Minimal downtime – return to normal activities the next day.
  • Results from a single treatment. Additional sessions may be scheduled, but many women get the results they desire from just one ThermiTight appointment.

ThermiTight can be used to tighten skin from neck to knees. Call (973) 509-6900 today to schedule a consultation at image Dermatology® in Montclair, New Jersey.

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.

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