Symptoms of Rosacea

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Dr. Jeanine B. Downie, of image Dermatology® offers a full range of both medical and cosmetic dermatological services for residents of Montclair, New Jersey and surrounding communities such as Essex Fells. Rosacea is a common skin condition, which is both medical and cosmetic.

It is a skin disease with many medical symptoms such as flushing, itching, and even vision problems. However, for many patients the cosmetic effects of rosacea are among the most devastating. Over half of all rosacea sufferers report feeling frustration, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. Although there is technically no cure for this condition, it can be controlled with a combination of dermatology treatments and simple lifestyle changes. Seven out of ten patients report an improvement in their emotional wellbeing following medical rosacea treatment.

If you suspect that you have rosacea, it is best to see a dermatologist, such as Dr. Downie, for an evaluation. Self-diagnosis can be challenging and unreliable, because there are several types of rosacea with different characteristics. It also manifests a little differently in each individual. Many people who are afflicted with rosacea are unaware of the condition, often mistaking it for acne.

The most prevalent symptoms include:

  • Persistent facial redness
  • Flushing or blushing frequently
  • Pimples and bumps (very similar to acne with the absence of blackheads)
  • Facial spider veins

Possible additional symptoms include:

  • Swelling
  • Thickening of the skin, most common on and around the nose
  • Plaques (red, raised patches of skin)
  • Dryness and rough texture
  • Stinging or burning sensation
  • Eye irritation, eyelid swelling, redness or bloodshot appearance
  • Non-facial symptoms may develop on the neck, scalp, chest, or ears
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Dr. Downie is a highly respected dermatologist who has earned the coveted designation of “Top Doctor” from Castle Connolly, and she has been featured in print and online media, as well as appearing on multiple television programs. Her extensive experience and knowledge encompasses a broad range of skin conditions. If you suspect that you have rosacea, or you are experiencing any kind of skin problem, call image Dermatology® at (973) 509-6900 and schedule an appointment.