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Botox®, ™ and Xeomin® are purified proteins in an FDA approved class of drugs called neuromodulators. They temporarily relax muscles to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to prevent new ones from forming. They can also be used to decrease or prevent migraines and treat excessive sweating.
Recommended every 3-4 months


Hyaluronic acid and other dermal filers re-contour, rejuvenate and restore the face by adding volume to target areas that appear sunken or flat. The result is a more natural, rejuvenated appearance. The treatment is also ideal for the under eyes, earlobes, lips, lines in the chest and the back of hands.

Available fillers include Voluma®, Restylane®, Restylane Silk®, RestylaneLyft ®, Radiesse®, Juvederm Ultra Plus®, Sculptra®,
Recommended every a minimum of every 4-6 months


This gives liposuction-like results without the surgery that are permanent unless one regains weight. The first and only FDA-approved injectable drug improves the appearance of submental fat below the chin (called the “double chin”) to restore a youthful profile and a refined facial contour. Dr. Downie also uses this for the bra fat buldge lipomas and the inner thighs.

Treatment is offered as a series 3-6 sessions are needed for most patients. Once desired results are achieved no further treatments are needed.


The most effective medical treatment to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy is usually completed in 4-8 treatments for most patients. Females and males benefit from these injections which make legs look years younger.

Recommended every a minimum of every 6-12 months



Safe, innovative radiofrequency device that uses radio waves in the form of heat to target specific tissue and tighten skin. The ThermiRF system uses a tiny treatment probe that is the size of a pen point to gently heat localized tissue directly underneath the skin. Minimally invasive, painless, little to no downtime. Can be used for tightening a jawline, neck, arms, knees, upper back and abdomen. Treats cellulite on the lateral buttocks, thighs and fat on the abdomen as it restructures collagen and breaks through the fibrous bands that causes dimples. Dr. Downie teaches other physicians this technique and lectures on this new technology. Consult needed before treatment, cost varies.


Uses a specially designed regulated radiofrequency hand piece that is temperature controlled. Targets problem areas around the forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck and stimulates collagen remodeling with gentle heat. Non-Invasive, no downtime.

Maintenance treatments suggested 1-2 times a year. Cost varies- approximately $400 per treatment for at least six treatment sessions. Recommend a consult be scheduled before treatment.

Recommended a series of at least 6-8 treatments sessions.
Maintenance twice a year.


This outstanding Fraxel resurfacing laser expedites collagen remodeling with minimal downtime, targeting brown spots and uneven skin tone. It treats a range of skin aging concerns, including moderate to severe photo-damage. It also treats acne scars, stretchmarks, surgical scars, aging necks and hands.

Recommended as part of a series for best results. Downtime: 3 days of redness and flaking skin. Can wear makeup.
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This laser is state of the art for treatment of broken blood vessels, rosacea sun freckles, scars, and unwanted hair. It can used on all skin types and requires a minimum of at least four treatments sessions for results. Laser hair removal treatments take much longer and there is no downtime with treating blood vessels and hair, and only a few days of downtime when treating sun freckles.


Omnilux light therapy is noninvasive, non-ablative, and safe for patients. Omnilux stimulates cells without causing damage to the epidermis so there is no downtime. Side effects include slight erythema and peeling. This is used to rejuvenate photodamaged skin, treat perorbital wrinkles improve clarity, treat acne and improve elasticity. Costs vary approximately $250 per session treatment.

A serious of once weekly for four weeks, then once a month for eight sessions.

Maintenance suggested 3 to 4 times a year


The state-of-the-art Nd: Yag laser permanently removes unwanted hair with minimal discomfort and optimal speed. No downtime, good for all skin types

A series of 13 or more sessions are recommended.


This targeted laser treatment works quickly and safely to eliminate bothersome hair with no downtime. Good for most skin types.

A series of 13 or more sessions are recommended


IntraGen- New Generation Skin Tightener

IntraGen redefines RF skin treatment anti-aging therapy rejuvenates your skin from inside out works on wrinkles, skin toning, texture and large pores.

Grid fractional radio frequency energy creates thermal grid shapes on the epidermis and a uniform thermal zone in the upper dermis during RF emission. Recently FDA- approved. Technology from Asia. The energy is optimized for each treatment by a real-time impedance checking system. No numbing necessary, warm but not uncomfortable.

Safe treatment is provided by thermal contact of the grid protecting the skin surface. A Multi-pulse function enables the energy to gently penetrate into the deep area. Much more comfortable than Thermage and other RF devices.1 day of slight redness, no bruising at all, no real downtime. Cost: $400 per tx face and neck area.

Recommended every 3-6 sessions 1 month apart for best results


State-of-the-art multi-action technology uses radiofrequency to tighten an drejuvenate skin from the inside out, be it on the face or body. The procedure improves skin’s texture and contouring while diminishing the appearance of lax, sagging skin. Skin is left taut and defined. The Exilis (which means thin in in latin) is also excellent for non-invasive fat melting and is safe for all skin types. Recommended as a series of 8 and then twice a year for best results maintenance.



State-of-the-art multi-action technology uses radiofrequency to tighten an drejuvenate skin from the inside out, be it on the face or body. The procedure improves skin’s texture and contouring while diminishing the appearance of lax, sagging skin. Skin is left taut and defined. The Exilis (which means thin in in latin) is also excellent for non-invasive fat melting and is safe for all skin types. Recommended as a series of 8 and then twice a year for best results maintenance.


This is a noninvasive fat melting system that uses ultrasound and electronic muscle stimulation pads to get rid of unwanted inches rapidly

Each treatment is equivalent to a week of cardio and weight training at the gym. Patients also report feeling the same endorphin release as they do after traditional exercise. We recommend hydration and encourage patients to drink plenty of water after a session. Dr. Downie will tailor a treatment plan to meet unique patient needs. She recommends treatment every two weeks for six sessions to achieve optimal results.

Futura Pro can be ideal for patients who want to improve areas on their bodies when their exercise and diet regimens have been ineffective. We recommend at least six fat melting sessions. Many people come every three months after for maintenance.

Will I experience any pain? After the application of the electric muscle stimulation pads, the muscles are stimulated both vigorously and intensely. Although it is not painful, it is intense. Patients who have their abdomens treated say it feels like they have done more than 1,500 sit-ups after a treatment session. However, patients typically find the treatment to be comfortable. There is no downtime after a session, allowing patients to return to work or other daily activities. You loose inches rapidly and your muscles are more toned.


Vanquish is a cutting edge innovation in non-invasive non-surgical body contouring, harnessing the power of safe thermal energy like never before.

Specifically designed to redefine and reduce your stomach, back, buttocks or thighs. Vanquish treats the problematic area by targeting unwanted fat cells without damage to your skin or surrounding muscle tissue. Vanquish is a device that utilizes multipolar radio frequency to target unwanted fat cells without causing damage to the skin or surrounding tissue.

We use Vanquish on the abdominal area, waistline, upper back, and buttocks. There is also a device specifically designed to redefine the thighs in an hour-long session. There is no downtime, so you can return to work after a treatment session.

Patients say it feels like a warm blanket or a heating pad. While relaxing during the procedure, the fat cells heat up and permanently melt away. You must be hydrated properly, we recommend a minimum of ten glasses of water a day to flush out your system.


This is an FDA-approved "fat-cracker" that is used to get rid of fat and metabolize fat faster. This temporally treats cellulite and can improve it over time and will be used after the Vanquish to improve results for abdomens and thighs. This technology does not hurt, and can be used on all skin types. It is safe and effective. The effect it has on cellulite is temporary. Cost varies approximately $300.00 per treatment session.

Recommended 4-6 treatment sessions and two a year for maintenance.



The Vitalize peel combines a blend of peeling agents with salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol to target mild to moderate skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation acne and sun damage. Skin is left radiant and refreshed. Good for all skin types, even very sensitive skin.

Series of at least six are needed recommended every 3-4 weeks.


One of our strongest peel formulations targets the deeper layers of the epidermis to correct moderate to severe skin imperfections such as deep wrinkles, advanced sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Resurfaced skin is healthy and luminous. Good for most skin types

Recommended every 3-4 weeks for best results. Series of at least six are needed

Theraplex 25% and 30% Salicylic Acid peels

The Theraplex peels treat acne, razor bumps, fine lines, wrinkles and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Improves texture and tone of skin. Good for all skin types. Slight redness and flaking.

A series of 6-8 treatment sessions are recommended with maintenance of three or four a year after.

Glycolic acid peels.

Lights chemical peels. Good for all skin types. Improves texture, tone, hair bumps, acne and fine lines.

Side effects slight dryness and flaking. Recommended as a series of six to eight treatment sessions with maintenance peels of 2-4 for a year after.


We hope you enjoyed our menu of services. Kindly remember this is a cosmetic candy store, and we are here to assist you in your anti-aging and skin care goals.

To your continued health,

Dr. Downie and the image staff