Is laser hair removal right for you?

Are you tired of shaving, tweezing, plucking, and waxing? If so, laser hair removal may be the solution that you’ve been looking for. It is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures across the country. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective solution for men or women with unwanted body hair.


How it works

Certain wavelengths of light are readily absorbed by specific substances, especially pigment (coloring). As the energy is absorbed, it creates heat. The pigment in actively growing hairs absorbs the energy, and the resulting heat causes controlled damage to the follicle. Many laser and light-based therapies are designed around this same principle.

The challenge with laser treatment is isolating and targeting the problematic cells or skin components, in this case the hair follicle. When it was first developed, laser hair removal was considered safe for light-skinned people only, because the energy was absorbed by the pigment in the skin as well as the hair follicle. Today, this technology has been refined to a point that we can perform laser hair removal safely on patients will all types and colors of skin.

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Are you a candidate?

With the proper laser, and a highly trained doctor, virtually anyone who has unwanted body hair is a good candidate for laser treatment. The only exception is individuals with very light blond or gray hairs. Because pigment is needed to absorb the light energy, dark hairs respond the best. Medium colored hairs may take a little longer, but the results are usually excellent. However, hairs with no color may not respond to treatment.

Laser hair removal has gained popularity for very good reasons. It is fast, precise, and highly effective. Laser hair removal patients must come repeatedly for months and will experience permanent hair loss after a while. Everyone varies with their individual genetics. Results can be maintained with one to three touch ups per year. Dr. Downie can personally testify as to the benefits; she hasn’t needed to shave in years! You can enjoy the same freedom. Just call image Dermatology ® P.C. at (973) 509-6900 and schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.

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