Experience the advantages of Fraxel Laser treatment

The developments that have occurred in laser technology have paved new ways for experienced dermatologists like Dr. Jeanine Downie to help patients reverse the signs of aging that occur on various areas of the body. At image Dermatology ® P.C. near Essex Fells, we are happy to provide information on Fraxel Restore treatments and help patients determine when they are ready to experience dermal rejuvenation with this outstanding technology.

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How Fraxel works

Fraxel laser treatments used by Dr. Downie are FDA-cleared to address a variety of skin concerns. Fraxel is fractional laser treatment. Fractional lasers are designed to break light down into thousands of tiny segments before they reach the skin. This light penetrates the skin in such a way that only small areas are affected. In between the parts of the skin laser energy penetrates are larger areas of unaffected tissue. By treating thousands of minuscule areas of the skin, rather than every inch of it, Fraxel promotes the natural production of collagen, a healing substance, and removes dead, dull skin cells from the epidermis.

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How Fraxel improves your complexion

Dr. Jeanine Downie has extensive hands-on training and experience to achieve outstanding results using Fraxel. This minimally invasive procedure can be applied to various skin types, from very light to very dark. Fraxel treatments may be recommended for the improvement of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Acne scarring and other types of scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Melasma

The Fraxel experience

  • Dr. Downie begins care with a thorough consultation in which patients can discuss their concerns and learn about treatment options. Details of Fraxel treatment are provided, and any questions are answered. If Fraxel seems the most suitable treatment for the achievement of the desired outcome, the first treatment session will be scheduled.
  • Before treatment, the skin is cleansed and we apply a topical anesthetic for an hour. As laser energy passes through the epidermis, patients feel a slight warming sensation. The heat of the laser is offset with cool air from the Zimmer cooling device.
  • After Fraxel laser, the skin may feel slightly sunburned for a day or two. Minor redness and swelling may be noticed, but it will fade within a few days. It is possible to wear makeup after the treatment, and sunscreen is highly recommended.
  • As the skin begins to change from the inside out, it will become darker, like a suntan. Flaking may occur as dead skin cells slough off naturally. During this time, moisturizing the skin can keep it looking its best.
  • Optimal results may be achieved in four to six treatment sessions, scheduled every few weeks. Each session lasts for about fifteen minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment area. Within about five days of each session, patients notice a visible improvement in the look of their skin. Over the course of treatment, the skin’s appearance can improve dramatically due to the progressive effects of extra collagen.
  • As we help patients reverse the signs of aging and sun damage with Fraxel Restore, we also discuss skincare that will maximize the results of this laser treatment.

The team at image Dermatology ® P.C. wants you to love your skin. If you’re ready to experience the advantages of Fraxel laser treatment, contact our office near Essex Fells today.

Dr. Jeanine Downie is an experienced and popular dermatologist in Montclair. She possesses extensive experience and training in all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Dr. Downie provides modern and cutting-edge dermatology treatments to everyone in your family in a professional, competent and compassionate manner while ensuring that your individual and unique needs are met. Having received rigorous academic training, she completed her residency in Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and also served as Chief Resident. She continues to upgrade her skills set and share her knowledge through professional affiliations and lecturing assignments on behalf of several renowned medical societies such as The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology, among others. She also frequently interacts with the public through popular television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show, to name a few.

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