Body Shaping with technology and laser treatments in Montclair

Today, we have more options than ever to enhance and maintain your appearance. Extensive research and technology combine to bring us a wide array of products, techniques, and devices for reshaping, restoring, and perfecting the image you see in the mirror. Some of the most versatile and technologically advanced options are laser treatments in Montclair, which have a variety of cosmetic applications.

One of the most recent technological wonders to be introduced is a body-contouring device called Exilis. It can resize, and reshape your body in just a few short sessions. Exilis utilizes the power of radiofrequency energy, precisely targeted with the exclusive EFC (Energy Flow Control) system. This module monitors and controls the energy flow, avoiding the spikes and sudden drops associated with other thermal treatments. Using several carefully placed sensors, it regulates the energy distribution throughout the body. With this technology, Exilis can produce better results, in less time, with minimal risk of burning.

Exilis can be targeted to any depth, with exacting precision. It can melt away fatty deposits with deep heating, while the advanced cooling system keeps the skin a tolerable, even temperature. You will see noticeable results after the very first session, but several are usually required for optimal results. The exact number of treatments you will need depend on your goals. We will ask you about your ideal figure before we begin sculpting it. Exilis is powerful enough to take off inches – and precise enough to take them off exactly where you want!

The true power of Exilis is the versatility, and precision control. It gives the technician the ability to deliver precisely the desired level of heat, to precisely the right depth. That also means that the effectiveness and comfort of Exilis are in the hands of the provider. Dr. Jeanine Downie is not only a licensed and experienced doctor; she is quickly emerging as a respected expert in this new technology. Image Dermatology, is where the latest innovations, and the wisdom of experience meet. Come see us and watch the inches and years melt away.
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