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Is Voluma the best option in dermal filler treatment?

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By Jeanine Downie

Voluma XC is one of several excellent products in the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers. Many patients ask if it really is different from other fillers, and if it really is better. The answer the first question is, “yes.” There is no simple answer to the best filler, because each formula has unique characteristics.

image Dermatology® offers a variety of premier quality fillers to help our patients from Glen Ridge, NJ and other communities turn back the clock. Voluma is among our favorites, and Dr. Downie even uses it to help maintain her own youthful appearance.

Choosing the right filler

Some of the most important differences between dermal filler formulas include:

  • Speed of results – Voluma is a HA (hyaluronic acid) based filler, so the results are seen immediately. Some types of fillers are formulated with ingredients such as microbeads, which support collagen development for gradual improvement.
  • Longevity of results – Over time, the body absorbs HA, so touch-up treatments are needed to maintain results. Voluma is one of the longer lasting fillers, with results lasting up to 18 months.
  • Viscosity – Every filler has a different consistency. Voluma is quite thick, with a high concentration of HA. It is resilient enough to hold its shape in areas where deeper injections or a larger amount of volume is needed. It is ideal for plumping hollow cheeks, augmenting the chin, and similar applications where a thinner formula would not hold up. Thin, highly malleable formulas are ideal for fine lines and delicate facial contours such as lip augmentation.

Often, different fillers are used in various areas of the face to achieve the most natural looking result. The best way to find out your best antiaging options is to visit Dr. Downie for a personalized consultation. Call image Dermatology® at (973) 509-6900 to schedule your appointment.

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