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Lasting beauty with Radiesse

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror every morning? Do you feel confident enough to go out, wearing nothing on your face but sunscreen? Do people always guess your age wrong, in a good way? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might be an ideal candidate for Radiesse. This long-lasting dermal filler treatment is available at image Dermatology®, located in Montclair, just minutes from Glen Ridge. What is Radiesse? Radiesse is a unique type of dermal filler, designed for long-term benefits. Like many other dermal fillers, it provides instant results by … Continue reading


Dermatological team offers several dermal fillers including Radiesse

By Jeanine Downie A person loses a teaspoon of collagen from the face each year after age 30. This can lead to unwanted lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, dermal fillers are safe and effective treatments that can restore facial volume and a more youthful appearance. Dr. Jeanine Downie and our team at image Dermatology® in Montclair offer several dermal fillers such as Radiesse to help men and women reverse the signs of aging. Restoring facial volume with Radiesse Radiesse is composed of smooth calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres. This substance is found in the body and is ideal for instant volume correction. Radiesse … Continue reading


Compassionate dermatologist explains how to reduce any potential side effects from Radiesse

You and your dermatologist can be the perfect team. Therefore, it is important to share all of your concerns, ask any questions, and disclose your list of medications before treatment. One of the main reasons dermatologists review your medical history and ask you various questions is to determine if a treatment is optimal for you – or not. A dermal filler treatment is no exception. Patients in Glen Ridge and beyond know where they can find a compassionate dermatologist who will address all of their concerns and needs – image Dermatology®. Founder of the practice and nationally prominent dermatologist Dr. … Continue reading


Patients ask about the side effects of Radiesse and other dermal filler treatments

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dermatology, we no longer have to look our age. The solution to help you achieve youthful looking, radiant, and beautiful skin can lie in the hands of a skilled, talented, and compassionate dermatologist. Residents of Essex Fells, New Jersey are fortunate, because they may not need to look far for one of these doctors. Just miles away, they can find nationally known dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie at image Dermatology® in Montclair. Attaining a youthful look There are several ways to achieve youthful looking skin at image Dermatology®. One option is dermal fillers. These cosmetic treatments … Continue reading


Looking good before and after treatment with Radiesse and other dermal fillers

Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie, has a goal – to help you enjoy healthy skin that looks radiant. Dr. Downie and her aesthetic team at image Dermatology® provide a number of treatments to smooth and rejuvenate complexions for patients throughout the Glen Ridge area. However, skin care isn’t “once and done.” Dr. Downie doesn’t administer treatment then forget about you. The image Dermatology® team becomes your trusted partner for great looking skin before and after you receive care. Before treatment The best way to maintain glowing skin and prepare for dermal filler treatment is to develop a healthy daily … Continue reading


Five important benefits of Radiesse

Maybe you’ve heard of Radiesse. Plenty of people are talking about this amazing FDA-approved dermal filler and how it effectively corrects moderate to severe folds and wrinkles, with long-lasting results. Or perhaps you’ve noticed some friends and co-workers (both male and female) looking refreshed; younger. Maybe you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Radiesse, alone or as part of a customized plan of rejuvenation. Dr. Jeanine Downie of image Dermatology® shares these important points to for patients in the Glen Ridge are and beyond. It’s non-surgical and minimally invasive. If you don’t have the stomach for cutting, don’t … Continue reading


Why Radiesse is different

Are you tired of looking tired? Sagging, wrinkled skin, sunken cheeks, and deep creases can make you look much older than you feel, or even older than you really are. At image Dermatology®, we specialize in dermal fillers. Dr. Jeanine Downie even uses them herself! If you are ready to say goodbye to wrinkles, she will recommend the best products and procedures. For exceptionally long lasting results, the best choice may be Radiesse Dermal filler. Essex Fells and Montclair residents love the convenience of less frequent maintenance appointments. Radiesse is unique among the many available types of dermal fillers. Like … Continue reading


What types of facial aging is Radiesse best suited to treat?

If you are considering dermal filler to smooth wrinkles and firm skin tone, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available throughout NJ area. Many brands have several different primary ingredients as their base, but their uses overlap and there are key differences in the length of their effectiveness. One of the longest lasting fillers available today is Radiesse®, formerly marketed as Radiance, which was FDA approved in 2006. Radiesse is the only dermal filler that offers immediate replenishment of lost skin volume – up to an 80% improvement – while re-stimulating natural collagen production. Collagen is the protein that … Continue reading


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