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Avoid the risks of fake beauty products

Absorption through the skin is a direct route for chemicals to enter the body. That characteristic works to your advantage when using top quality cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and specialty formulations. It poses a health threat, however, when impure compounds are applied. That is exactly what can happen with fake products found online. Montclair, NJ dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie, shares this information to help you to avoid the wasted expense and risk of fake beauty products.

Why beware of fake beauty products?

Counterfeits are low-quality cosmetics cleverly packaged and marketed to look authentic. The website may be virtually indistinguishable from the name brand, and the label and packaging might fool even the savviest consumer. Bear in mind there are few if any quality controls for these knockoffs. You could end up putting toxic ingredients on your skin. Testing has shown counterfeits to be contaminated with arsenic, cyanide, lead, mercury, urine, and (ugh) rat droppings.

Old stock is also problematic. For ingredients to stay fresh, effective, and safe, cosmeceuticals must be stored in climate-controlled conditions and disposed of at the close of their shelf-life. “Black market” vendors gather outdated stock and change dates on labeling. You get a product that is already old. Plus, it has probably been stored and shipped in extreme hot or cold temperatures, further degrading ingredients. In many cases, appearance and scent is not altered, so you have no way of knowing that the product could be ineffective or dangerous.

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How Montclair, NJ consumers avoid fake beauty products

Because it is virtually impossible to identify fake cosmetics, purchase only through a dermatology practice, or from a trusted direct shipping source. Dr. Downie never suggests purchasing cosmeceuticals online. She partners with RegimenMD, a direct shipper that can be used by her patients and by others as well. She recommends ordering from this resource.

Other tips to avoid buying fake beauty products online:

  • Take a realistic look at the price. If one retailer sells it at a significant reduction, beware.
  • Stay away from third-party vendors. There are so many black-market beauty merchants, that Amazon, Walmart, and eBay cannot possibly weed them all out.
  • Check URLs. Hover over links to see if they lead where you think they should, and look carefully for subtle misspellings. Also check for a secure connection – a URL that starts with “https,” rather than “http.”

Don’t risk an allergic reaction, side effect, or health issue to save a few dollars. Your skin and wellness deserve genuine cosmeceuticals. Call Image Dermatology for guidance – (973) 509-6900


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