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Are common options more affordable than professional laser hair removal?

Hair removal is not a new trend. Throughout recorded history mankind has sought effective hair removal techniques for reasons related to comfort, fashion, religion, or medical need. Never before, though, has sleek, hairless skin been more valued in American culture than it is now. Women and men in the Essex Fells area need an affordable solution. Is it laser hair removal? Dr. Jeanine Downie of Image Dermatology® encourages these individuals to look past the initial price tag and consider the long-term costs of common hair removal methods.

Shaving is the most popular option. On average, a woman in the U.S. shaves 7,718 times during her life and spends about $10,000 on related products. At 10.9 minutes per session, that equates to more than 1,402 hours of her life spent shaving. Even at a minimum wage of $8.25, that increase the true cost of shaving to nearly $22,000.

Tweezing. You can purchase a good quality implement for $15 or less, so the expense of tweezing isn’t the up-front cost. Plucking each hair individually, though, is extremely time-consuming. It is also uncomfortable, and frankly there are parts of your body too hair-covered for tweezing or impossible to reach.

Waxing/Sugar Waxing is pulling sections of hair out by the roots with a layer of warm or sticky wax. Waxing can cause a first, second or third-degree burn and this is a significant side effect. The cost varies depending on the skill of the clinician and the area of the body. For example, eyebrows could be as little as $20, with a full leg wax costing upwards of $170. It lasts for about six weeks.

Laser hair removal. The expense varies depending on the area of the body treated, but the results are fabulous and the benefits are long-term.

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Laser hair removal works on a simple concept. The pigment in hair absorbs focused energy from a handheld laser device. That destroys follicles with minimal discomfort or risk to skin. Because hair grows in three stages and only responds in the anagen phase, several treatments are necessary for full clearance. However, you see improvement right away, which increases with each session. Treated hair follicles are permanently destroyed, but you body may continue to produce a few new ones. Most image Dermatology® Patients are so thrilled with results, that they schedule an occasional touch-up session. Dr. Downie has the experience and FDA cleared equipment to safely administer laser hair removal to patients with most skin types and hair colors.

With laser hair removal you same time in your daily routine, and look well-groomed 24/7/365. In addition, you won’t have rash, bumps, or ingrowth. Once you consider the facts, it’s obvious that laser treatment provides affordable long-term hair removal value.

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